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Our services
Our Functions
Fully automatic execution 7 * 24 hours a day

The robot runs on the cloud server for 24 hours, and the network is continuously powered. After initializing the setup parameters, the robot will automatically trade according to the strategy. Automatically buy or sell when the set conditions are met, no need to watch for a long time.

Formulate Trading Strategies and Position Allocation

The robot has a variety of trading strategies built in, ranging from “conservative” to “radical +” to meet different risk types. After setting the strategy, the robot will intelligently assign the position and condition of each incoming order and strictly enforce the trading strategy.

Monitor multiple transactions at the same time

It can support hundreds of transactions to run trading strategies at the same time, each type of independent thread, automatically monitor the quotation depth, strategy calculation, real-time monitoring of trading conditions, and ensure the immediacy of transaction execution.

Intelligent Tracking of profit, let profit fly

After the trigger condition is set and the profit ratio reaches the condition, the robot automatically triggers the tracking and take profit. When the offer of the disk has been rising, the profit ratio has continuously exceeded the highest value. When the price falls, the closing conditions are triggered, and the profit is released.

Set Up Strategy, One-click Starting

We have been working hard to reduce the operational difficulty of quantitative trading. In the robot, fill in the position, the number of varieties, which can be set with one button and started with one button. A newcomer to digital asset trading, easy to use, fast to use

Welcome to ATM

ATM connects our users to DCoinTrade, one of many notable trading platforms in the market, providing trading bots with specified trading strategies for capturing the market profit despite of market volatility.

With using APIs we provide, users will be introduced to easy and accessible direct exchanges between digital currencies and USD, enabling both liquidation and operational efficiency.

We believe at ATM, with the convenience and market real-time info supported by DCoinTrade, user experience and profiting power will be remarkably enhanced.

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